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Swiftloans is an online leading accumulation of financial products and services. It algorithmically stratifies lenders with borrowers in the bottom of the pyramid. Being a financial technology company, we enhance the probability of loan for under banked consumers by filtering customer data points with lender’s parameters and finds the right fit. We’ve taken the credit parameters of over 40 banks/ NBFCs/ MFis and put it together in a machine learning program and when we collate 58 data points of a customer’s creditworthiness, capacity and collateral to borrow, we connect the borrowers to right lenders. Swiftloans offers advance salary loans, instant payday loans, and short term cash loans to the salaried corporate employees at lowest interest rates. These loans are designed to meet all your short term financial needs such as medical emergency or any other personal needs. We are committed to transforming people’s lives through our end to end digitized process, real time loan approval, simple & easy ITR for individuals, free credit and trust score. The team is developing various responsible innovations by comprehending the valued patrons’ requirements. There is a complete focus on innovations to transform communities and their lives digitally. We believe in complete automation of the financial process allowing hassle-free and efficient interaction between all the stakeholders of the banks, and borrowers.


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